Published Works

Big Fang: A Harbor Human Society Anthology

“22 fun mystery and crime “tails”, each featuring a rescue or adopted animal, from 22 amazing authors. This benefit anthology from Harbor Humane Society (West Olive, MI) includes cozies, capers, and humorous crime and mystery stories.”

A wonderful project with many great people involved. If you love animals, or know someone who does, consider purchasing this book in support of Harbor Human Society. Available on Amazon.

Surface Reflections

“The world may feel as if it’s ablaze with chaos and division, but a good story can help you think more critically about the source of that fire–and what you can do about it. – In this short-story collection, eight emerging authors from The Grand River Writing Tribe present nine different ways to look beyond the pale shadow we encounter in our daily media diet. They prompt you to peer beneath the surface, to explore the meaning and the beauty and even the pain that touches us all.”

What an experience. The stories in this collection will bring out so many different emotions and perspectives. Truly, a “must read.” This great collection is available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Walmart, or check your local book store.